President Greeting:

Welcome to the Rural Women's Republican Club (RWRC) Web Page!! It is my very special honor and privilege to serve as President of RWRC for the 2014/2015 term. Come join us!! Our rural community is located in the western part of Montgomery County; we pride ourselves in the beauty of our countryside, with the many farms and beautiful view of Sugarloaf Mountain, the focal point of our area.

Our club meets the third Monday of the month at members’ homes, with the exception of January, July, August and December. Our women are hard working and very passionate about their beliefs and values. We are being proactive in our quest for new faces to come join us and help us in our endeavors to elect Republicans and spread the benefits of conservatism. Not only are we passionate about our politics, we are also active in state and community organizations with monetary donations and volunteer our time.

Most important to our volunteerism is our support of our military. One lesson that this past election taught us is that too many people in this country do not understand what makes America so unique in history and so exceptional in the present time. America is EXCEPTIONAL in history and in the age in which we now live. We will pray for God's guidance and His help for our mission. We are a force which is to be recognized and respected when we work together, but we know that God is still in charge. Now we pray for the strength and grace to guide us in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

Sharon Bauer
President, Rural Women’s Republican Club


Please Use this Membership Form - Please Note that both Republican Men and Women May Join
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4/17 - 10:30 - Meeting - home of Carole Johnson - 18506 Barnesville Rd - Banesville MD. Call for info: 302-349-5797. Speaker: VP of Young Republicans

RWRC Board of Directors

Sharon Bauer

Vice President:
Suzette Bizzarro
301-349-2376 (h)

Recording Secretary:

Corresponding Secretary:
Dorinne Armstrong
301-698-9799 (h)


Assistant Treasurer:
Suzette Bizzarro

Our Mission

We are Republican women working to shape and mobilize grassroots efforts in Northwestern Montgomery County. These initiatives are essential to influence and maintain the political landscape in our communities.

Our Club

We are a congenial group of rural women who share many conservative goals and a strong desire to work to preserve them. We know our collective voices will be heard above any of us individually. Our goal is to support local, state, and national Republican candidates for public offices and donate to organizations in our community. Among our activities, we donate to WUMCO Help; Hands of Love Mission; Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding; a $1,000 scholarship to a high school senior in the upper part of the county from one of the following schools: Poolesville, Clarksburg, Damascus and Seneca Valley; UMCVFD and local libraries. We hold one fundraiser each year (Saturday Night in the Country), which has become a popular community event. Our fundraiser is held at the Isaac Walton League Chapter House, a beautiful lodge overlooking all the beauty of our rural area. The lodge is located on West Willard Road in Poolesville.

Our History

The Rural Women's Republican Club (RWRC) was founded on June 5, 1962, in the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain. It was a small group of determined women, some of whom are still very active today. Our membership is 41 full and Associate Members. In addition to our political values, we share a love of our rural area and the country lifestyle. Through the years, RWRC has continued to attract determined, conservative, and lively women who are deeply committed to their families, their rural atmosphere, and their Country. We meet monthly in various homes and enjoy the commonality we share as Republicans and a good food.

Founding Mothers of the The Rural Women's Republican Club

LtoR: Audrey Prichard, Jill Chadwick, Dorinne Armstrong, Bonnie Anthony