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MCFRW Mission Statement

Uniting sister clubs across Montgomery County by communicating each club's activities and stimulating cooperation among the clubs.

MCFRW Board of Directors in Action


The Montgomery County Federation of Republican Women (MCFRW), one of Marylandís foremost political organizations, brings women together to positively impact the direction of our county, state and nation. As leaders we come together as a collective force advancing the power of women through political access and participation. MCFRW, affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), comprises the largest all-women political organization in the world! Our strength comes from diversity of opinion, culture and experience as well as power from our grassroots political activism. We also are affiliated with the Maryland Federation of Republican Women (MFRW) founded in1921. The first MFRW club included a group of six activist women whose initial goals were organization, education and legislation to repeal many of the old English laws still on the books that discriminated against women. That root of activism continues today!

MCFRW is open to all women who embrace the Republican Philosophy and are registered Republicans. We offer membership, political education, leadership training, candidate recruitment and campaign involvement. Under the MCFRW umbrella, we have five (5) local clubs with a membership of over 300 women. Each local club sets its own membership dues, activities, meeting time and place and, within the bylaws of the goals and objectives of MFRW and NFRW, their own objectives. Our five local clubs are listed at the top of this page. We invite you to look at each club, see their various activities, programs and election events they undertake. For more information, contact the club Presidents from either Chevy Chase, Olney, Potomac, Rural or Upper Montgomery County Republican Womens' club and feel free to attend a meeting of your choice. You will be glad you did.

Please - come and join us! Together we can build a better future for our county, state and country.

Please join us to help support and elect our republican candidates. JUST SAY YES!!

Sharon Bauer, President


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